Monday, July 6

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St. Perpetua

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Stand in hope and love Walk upward with shining steps Martyrs steadfast faith Daily Haiku #22 Picture Challenge The Haiku Challenge Perpetua was a well-educated, young, Greek, Christian convert from Northern Africa.  She was martyred.  We know about her because she kept a diary of her time in prison that has survived to this day.  She was the mother of a two-year-old.  She dreamed of climbing upwards in her faith journey on a ladder very different from our picture here.  Her ladder was covered with all manner of things that would injure and cause pain.  And it had a serpent wrapped into it.  In her dream, she bravely ascended the ladder on the serpent's head.  In life, even in a Roman prison, she cared for others, encouraged them, and strengthened them in faith. I've had other musing...


A River of Stones, aros, Haiku, Lament, Poetry, Politics, Post-a-Day
debris lays scattered walked on, stepped on, discarded unimportant trash Daily Haiku #19 Word Challenge:  Debris The Haiku Challenge I am revolted by what is happening in Wisconsin right now.  The state had a budget surplus, frittered it away by giving additional tax breaks to large businesses, and is now attempting to balance the budget on the backs of teachers.  The ultimate victim?  The children. American education is on the decline because we are not properly funding it.  The sense of entitlement is outrageous.  The desire to have a “world class” educational system without paying for it is insane!  We will not compete globally unless we can produce people who can think.  This will not be done by creating an educational system that focuses on passing tests rather than on critical t...