perfectly round?
well, no. but
perfectly shaped.
big and fat and
the colors of
sunset with its
reds, oranges, and
peaches blending
together in fuzzy

to burst forth a
new song.  proclaiming
the goodness of
creation.  reminding
us all to take care
of what we have or
the gift she brings
will be forever gone.

tempting fragrance
wafting gently teasing,
even daring, you to
partake of her flesh. 

liquid sunshine
dripping down your

Biting a Peach
Biting a Peach
Categories: Poetry Spirituality


  1. danroberson said on August 29, 2011
    A soft, juicy peach is a savory delight. You described it well.
  2. this is sweet and beautiful. :)

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