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Sunny Sunday – Where is Your Light Today?

Where is your light today? What is leading you? What is giving you hope? Joy? Where are you letting your light shine? I encourage you to leave a note in the comments regarding your inspiration for your life.

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I confess to feeling overwhelmed, sometimes, from the enormity of the world. My job, as a chaplain to those incarcerated, can be fraught with perilous politics! It is the intersection of state, county, church, and inter-church politics. Yikes! I also feel responsible for the involvement of my volunteers. And responsible for the youth they encounter. And responsible for church involvement. And other organizations. Keeping all the balls juggling in the air makes me want to just run away from the balls sometimes!

Each ball represents a life or a person involved and my heart wants to love them. And in many ways provide a soft spot for them to land. Sometimes I get so focused on the balls, that the system keeping them going is neglected. Sometimes I become so focused on the system, that the balls are neglected. I feel like I am in a system place in my life. What I really need is more people to keep the system together so that all the balls stay in the air! "More hands makes light work." Or so my mom said. Sometimes many hands becomes more balls in the air that I need to, uh, throw around. That creates an entirely new quagmire!

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Anyway. The point.

Where, in the midst of the political and social quagmire do I find inspiration? I find inspiration in the reflection of Love that I see in the faces I encounter. And when someone says, "When I am out of this mess, I want to come to your church because I want to go to a church that does something about their faith." You know, I don't need them to come to my church to feel complete. In fact, I don't need them to do anything to feel complete, that is what my connection with the divine does! But it is nice to hear. And there is truth in what she said.

What if all of us took our faith connection and grounded it in contemplative action? What would the world look like? Perhaps it would be crazy jugglers. But perhaps it would also be a beautiful flower. Or maybe juggling beautiful flowers. 🙂


“The earth laughs in flowers.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Audrey from Central Pennsylvania, USA
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Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
-Christian Scripture, Matthew 6:28-29 ESV

Shalom and Amen.

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  • Beloved. I am beloved, those I love are beloved, and those I have difficult loving are beloved. All that I am and all that have cannot compare to the Lover. So the good that I do is reflection of the Lover’s love and the mistakes I make are swallowed up by the Lover’s love. This is what inspires me today.

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