Wednesday, August 4

Sunny Sunday – Finding Love in Others

Where is your light today? What is leading you? What is giving you hope? Joy? Where do you find life?

Today's post is a guest entry from my son, Colin Jon David Stewart, in celebration of his one year anniversary. A relationship that gives him great hope and joy. And I have to brag on him a moment, he carries his shenanigans out into the world by advocating for equal rights, education advocacy on a state level, and by teaching classes such as "Gender."

Dear loved one;

First, I want to say that you mean the stars to me

That you light up the room with an otherworldly glow

And that every time I see you this goofy grin just starts to cover my face and I want to hug you and, and, and

Well, you know the one

The one that is screaming I love you before I can say it

The one that goes along with a giggle and I just want to make sure that you know how bloody happy you make me

And how much better you make me

You make me see this world in hues of silver and purple

You make me want to try when I really could not give a shit about existence

And when I awkwardly asked you out in the middle of math with no forethought

And you said yes

This was not what I was expecting

I wasn’t expecting to ask you out

I didn’t even realize I liked you

But I just want you to know

That I love you

And thanks for gracing me with a year of your beauty

Because you inspire me with everything you do


CJ d.

To however much more time we have. Love you.”


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© 2013, post and photos, Colin Stewart, all rights reserved

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