Wednesday, June 23

Sunny Sunday: Twitsperation

Where is your light today? What is inspiring you? Transforming you? What is allowing you to be love to the world?

Today (or yesterday), I was inspired by a poet on Twitter (Twitter+Inspiration)=Twitsperation). This exchange occured with Frank Watson (@followblueflute) and Nathan Vellacott (@natverdi).


Buddha sat
quietly amid
the hellish march


And up north
his magei
was decomposed


from the east
came a magi
who conjured wisdom
stars, magi(c)
and lost religion


magi traveled
through arid lands
searching stars
releasing expectations
finding magi(c)

This exchange and my paltry contribution brought home to me the interconnectivity of all, intersectionality, ubuntu, one. Are we all the same? No. Honor differences. But we can all be one within our multiplicity.

Shalom and Amen.


© post, Terri Stewart


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