Monday, June 21

Submission Guidelines for Beguine Again: Advent

Soon we will be moving into Advent and I would love to have you all participate! The theme is preparation and the beauty comes from so many voices that chime in with different understandings of what it means. What does preparation mean? To prepare? Is it a lifelong stance? Or is it as straight forward as preparing for the next thing...and the next thing. Is it preparing the earth? Or preparing your soul? What does this time mean to you?

Theme: Preparation

Items: Photo, poem, essay, collage, story, any creative endeavor! A song? Youtube? Slam poetry!

Due date: November 20, 2014

Publication information: Daily during Advent at and in a monthly e-zine at the end of Advent

Length: An essay should be no longer than about 500 words or so. I’m not a word counting Nazi! But this is a readable length for an online, meditative format.

Copyright Information: Will be covered under Creative Commons (AT-NC-ND). Meaning, full attribution, non-commercial, and no derivatives. But sharable. Please let me know if you need something else.

Background: We do an Advent focus every year. Advent is the season in Christianity that leads to Christmas and includes the four preceding Sundays. During Advent, other holy days of note include Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, and Yule. You can see last year’s entries at

RSVP: Send a note indicating your interest in participating to . We really want your support and participation!

by Julie Adams
by Julie Adams

Artwork: Julie Adams from Advent 2013: Crystallize Meaning

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