Monday, August 2

Story as Embodied Faith

My word for 2015, and probably for my life if I'm honest, is story.

Why? I love reading and learning. I love getting lost in others' stories. I love writing. I love telling my story and being there for others when they tell theirs. I love holding their stories and providing sanctuary for them. I even love standing up for them and speaking up for them when they can't tell their own stories. It's the most sacred thing about my calling as a helper.

Whether I'm a reader or a writer or a social worker or a counselor or a chaplain or a minister, I'm all about story. It's who i am, and i wouldn't change it for anything. It's how i embody my faith--how i show the world who i believe God is and what i believe is true about life and love. As long as I follow my story wherever it leads and make choices based on the lens of story, I know I'm on the right path.

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