Monday, June 14


Blessed are those who are still, for they will be given movement.


a single icicle
fearfully made as
glides slowly down
like ants marching home
slowing slowing
to the point of unity.

then the world
comes crashing down
as the weight of the
is too much to bear
even for the

(c) Terri Stewart 

A friend, Kayce Hughlett, created a challenge to come up with a new Beautitude a couple weeks ago.  My preliminary response was:  Blessed are those who are still for they will be blessed with movement.  Segue to Christine Valters Paintner, a friend with whom I participate in poetry parties and other sundry mystical-ly things.  She took the Beautitude challenge and incorporated it into the poetry challenge.  I have refined the Beautitude just a touch and written my poem in response.

My beautitude and response reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas Carols, "Still, Still, Still."  (See below).  Although I am definitely an ENFJ (sometimes P), my recharging is done in the still of an I.  Without stillness, I am likely to be a little cranky.  The stillness, getting in touch with my heart, getting in touch with God's heart, getting in touch with our heart, allows me to come out and face some of the injustice in the world.  The icicle crashes down and creates a lot of movement, but it isn't really broken.  It is absorbed back into the earth and sky in the eternal circle of creation.  The stillness makes for a spectacular movement.   So sit.  Be still.  Relish the internal movement of rest.


    • It is a challenge. For me, I found that I could not add it into my schedule, I had to find a way to zip something out and put this in its place. I gave up early morning Facebook and Religious Roundtable discussion. They were kind of like my newspaper reading. Now, I do soul-tending instead. 🙂 Guess what my new challenge is? Stopping in time to get my day going. I want to stay in that space. Sigh. The tensions never cease.

  • It’s harder for some of us to sit in that kind of stillness, than for others of us…me being one of the former. But the longer I do it, the easier it becomes. How about for you, dear Terri?

    Thanks for putting me on your blogroll! When my new platform is done for the Virtual Tea House, and I have that capacity, I’ll return the favor (I almost wrote ‘flavor’!).

    Love and continued Lenten ‘tension’–

    • It totally depends on the day for me. And the people around me. If those crazy teens of mine need mom, it doesn’t matter how centered I am. Perhaps coming from a centering place helps me deal favorably with them! I am an ENFJ, so being still is a learned process, not a natural process. But, now, I totally have to have it or I go crazy. I have so many voices coming at me all the time…family…work…school…church…school…school…that the silence is needed desperately.

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