Tuesday, June 15

St. Perpetua

Image Courtesy of "Someone is Special"

Stand in hope and love
Walk upward with shining steps
Martyrs steadfast faith

Daily Haiku #22
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Perpetua was a well-educated, young, Greek, Christian convert from Northern Africa.  She was martyred.  We know about her because she kept a diary of her time in prison that has survived to this day.  She was the mother of a two-year-old.  She dreamed of climbing upwards in her faith journey on a ladder very different from our picture here.  Her ladder was covered with all manner of things that would injure and cause pain.  And it had a serpent wrapped into it.  In her dream, she bravely ascended the ladder on the serpent's head.  In life, even in a Roman prison, she cared for others, encouraged them, and strengthened them in faith.

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