Thursday, June 24

Spiritual Practices

New Heaven by Terri Stewart aka Cloaked Monk


Respond to the following in whatever way that moves you-image, word, meditation, silence, thoughtfulness; the response is up to you.

Sunday - Inspiration, where is your light and inspiration? How is your inspiration leading you deeper into serving your community?

Monday - Mindful Monday, a moment to notice things. Expressed in a small piece of writing or a photo or both.

Wednesday - Joy, where have you witnessed a movement of joy? What is the witness of Love?

Thursday - Thoughtful Thursday, offering something to think about. Often, we are so attached to our own way of thinking that we don't even consider new things.

Friday - TGIF, what are you grateful for today?

Saturday - Sabbath Saturday, where will you find rest? healing? wholeness? holiness?

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