Friday, June 18

Sometimes Rest Just Isn’t Restful

Have you ever had one of those days? This is the way my day went yesterday according to a text conversation in which I unloaded on a dear friend, Jane.

I woke up with a headache. Got myself together to tend to the kids, my one responsibility for the day. Take them to church so they can have a ride to camp.

So, noon:30, take kids to LWUMC to go with them to Indianola.

A woman of the community and mom of one of Kennedy's friends and deeply impoverished family has broken down car. Who has AAA towing? Me! I can help!

AAA will cover the tow if I'm with her. So I go and use my AAA for her. at 1:30. We wait for tow at 2:30. Guy shows up and the car starts right away with no problems.

So tow guy goes away, she proceeds towards Nissan place.

THEN, my gas light goes "bing" "you need gas" and then my tire light pops on.

I go get gas.

Lady at the gas station is like, "can you help me pump gas?" Sigh. OK.

Phone call from car that was not towed person. Her car broke down again. This time on 405. Sigh. Proceed to go to her and call AAA again.

They say, "someone will be there by 3:30"

At 3:20, I get notification from AAA that someone will be there by 3:29. two minutes later, the time is changed to 4:15

Holy jeepers.

Sit, wait, smell burning rubber, makes my allergies go bananas.

Tow guy arrives and IT IS THE SAME DUDE. I told him, "Just tow it and don't even try to fix it"

Then, I go to to Les Schwab for my tire. It seems I picked up a screw when I pulled over to the side of the road to help her. {adding fuel to the belief that no good deed goes unpunished}

And lo! My suspension also needs some updating, "here's a quote." (100,000 miles will do it)

Anyway, finally home. After what was supposed to be a 30 minute round trip drop the kids off at 1:00. {It was 6:30 p.m.}

And I just busted my toe. I think it's broken.

But, Les Schwab fixed my tire for free and I discovered a new restaurant themed on playing board games.

It was to be a day of rest and recuperation, but clearly, the day went awry. This rest was not restful at all! Which leads to questions of what exactly do we do with our Sabbath rest when our days go awry or rest is not restful?

Perhaps it rests in finding the gratitude and joy left within the scattered waste.

  • Yes, I am grateful that I was able to help someone simply by showing up and using my AAA Plus membership. That is really easy helping.
  • I am grateful that my tire was fixed for free and that I don't need to get a new suspension right away, but soon.
  • I am grateful my kids made it to Indianola.
  • I am grateful my hubby made me dinner and a lemon drop last night.
  • I am grateful Jane "heard" my litany of woes via text.
  • And I am grateful for board games.
  • I am grateful my car was not the one stranded on the side of the highway and that I am privileged enough to drive to Les Schwab, get my tire fixed while I go to a new restaurant and indulge in some yummy nachos and blackberry-pear cider. Not everyone can do that. That is privilege.
  • I am grateful.

Now, I am going to the ER to get my toe X-rayed. 🙂 For modern medicine, I am grateful.

Shalom and Amen!

The restaurant in Bellevue that has yummy food, cider, and board games! (Beer too, but hey, I'm gluten free)
The restaurant in Bellevue that has yummy food, cider, and board games! (Beer too, but hey, I'm gluten free)

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