Monday, July 26

Six Impossible Things

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in?

  1. Resurrection - I believe that it is possible for a new thing to happen against all odds. As a Christian, I have Jesus who was resurrected and became something no one recognized. Extrapolating, we can all be resurrected-leaving behind what is pained and embracing a new thing unrecognizable to others. Becoming a conveyor of grace, mercy, love, and justice. If I didn't believe that it was possible for every person to experience resurrection, I would not do the work I do (see
  2. Forgiveness - Sometimes this is nearly impossible! Or it seems impossible! I was sitting with a young woman and she told me, "every night I pray that my dad will die before I wake up." Wow. Forgiveness seems like an impossible place for her. And I think that is okay for her, for now. But eventually, moving to forgiveness, seemingly impossible, is necessary. I have felt that way-"How can I forgive 'X' when he hasn't even understood the pain he has caused?" I just keep working on forgiveness of self, others, and God every single day. Some days are easy. Some days are tough.
  3. Love - Loving without reason is crazy! Some days I look at the young people I work with and I know that I will be disappointed and heart-broken--if I attach to the outcome and do not focus on who they are. Who are they? Precious children created "very good" who have generally gotten a rotten start in life. When I remember to detach from the outcome, my heart is filled with love for these children I have not met. What is it like to look at a person through an aura of love? It is definitely a gift.
  4. Science - This is so exciting and it seems impossible, but it is possible! Science makes the impossible possible! The multi-verse, the Higgs-Boson particle...fascinating! I love it. And so the seemingly impossible task is holding science and religion hand-in-hand. Spirituality brings a greater truth and science fills in the details.
  5. Hope - This goes along with resurrection. How do you maintain hope in a world that destroys itself? The only thing I was able to find that let me see past the traps of poverty, uneducation, and incarceration is hope found in resurrection - the ability to transform into something completely new.
  6. Kingdom - The Kingdom of God here and now is an oft repeated phrase, but what does it mean? It means that the values of love, justice, fairness, compassion are encountered daily, everywhere. I can see it every now and again. Friday, I saw the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God when four street youth gave away a precious gift to two little toddlers spontaneously. Grace. Giving without deserving. Receiving without deserving. The Kingdom is within you and it can be realized.

I loved today's writing prompt - Six Impossible Things.  What six impossible things do you believe?


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