Friday, June 18

See The Art in Me–See The Heart in Me


My friend Anna Meade designed this shirt. She's doing a fundraiser to raise awareness for postpartum depression and to raise money for art supplies for women dealing with PPD.That's not one of my particular issues, but I have lived with depression for many years. I can't imagine trying to care for a baby while feeling like depression feels.

I love the message "See the Art in Me" because I know that art that comes from the heart can heal. Anna and friends like her have taught me that it's true. When I hear "See the Art in Me," I can't help but hear "See the Heart in Me."  They sound like deep cries of pain and someone's  longings to be seen and heard. So often it's hard to find those words to say when you feel invisible to those around you. Thanks, Anna, for helping me find my voice. Thanks for all the mothers and children who will find theirs.

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