Thursday, June 24

Searching for Faith…Searching for Sunday

I've been wandering through various forms of spirituality and even some forms of doubt lately, searching for something to hold on to. I don't know what happened to my traditional Christianity--oh, yes, I do. I went to seminary and found that the Southern Baptists who had always been a little too tight-fit for me were becoming even more so. No women in ministry, no same-sex marriage, too many sit-ins to protest administrative policies (I was a budding social worker, after all), and before I knew what had happened, I was at the University of Louisville licking my wounds.

After graduation, I hoped to find my way back "home," so to speak. Then the world changed. I came out, and there was no going back. That was in 2002. I've tried to reconcile my faith with my life, but everything has felt like a suit of clothes that just doesn't fit quite right. I need to find a set of spiritual practices that are right-fit (tm Rachelle Mee-Chapman) for me, a spiritual home. I had given up on finding that within the organized church, though. I need openness within tradition. I don't want to give up tradition. Far from it. I simply want tradition to expand to include me. To include everyone.

Rachel Held Evans' Searching for Sunday is giving me hope that there is a place for me. I'm reading it. When it comes out, I hope you'll join me. I'm probably not done talking about it, because I'm not through reading it. I want to find Sunday again.marginalizedsearchingforsunday

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