Saturday, July 24

Sabbath Saturday: Gift Beyond Measure

In Isaiah 58:13-14, I found an explanation of what sabbath should be. I've taken a moment to re-write it into modern language that would (may ) make the intention accessible to people across many different points of view:

If you don't trample a day of healing rest,
If you stop yourself from focusing on your own interests on one healing day,
If you find a moment to delight in wholeness and make it honorable,
If you take that day, hold it up, give it light, and do not become selfish,
Then you shall find delight and you will ascend to the heights of joy,
And you will receive a gift beyond measure.

Notes about what not to do:

  • pursue your own interests
  • do not go your own way
  • serve your own interests
  • pursue your own affairs

Sabbath is an important reminder to take time to focus outside ourselves and to look at the bigger picture. Holiness is wholeness. It is sacred. It is healing. It can only be found when we focus not on our wants, but on our deepest desires. The connection with Mystery, the drive towards health, connection to others in our family, community, and the world. Not focusing on our material wants, but what we were designed for--healthy relationship with all in the cosmos.

What? Everything in the cosmos? Yep. Everything. Sabbath calls us into right relationship with the earth, the planets, the cosmos, people, animals, everything. By taking an entire day where we focus on right relationship...aah...that is health, wholeness, sacred space.

For what do you yearn to find right relationship with? What is clamoring for space in your life? Where is sacred space beckoning?

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Homies In Heaven
cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Homies In Heaven

My word for sabbath in 2014 is ____________________.

We will be asking for a word every day focused on spiritual disciplines or practices. Then on January 1, 2014, we will ask for an overall theme word! You can share as you feel appropriate as we travel towards making 2014 a year of disciplined spiritual practices that transform the everyday in holy days.

If you feel so moved, leave your word for sabbath in the comments.

(c) 2013, post, Terri Stewart

(c) 2010, photo, cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Homies In Heaven:


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