Monday, June 14

Sabbath and Grief and Whales

My Mother-In-Law passed away this week. We were not super close but it still had a great impact on me. I think I am grieving the loss of my own mother (some 20 years ago) a little along with the idea that I never could develop that type of relationship with my mother-in-law. It makes me sad that we could not be there for each other.

While reflecting on this, I ran across this quote:

“Let today be the day you stop being haunted by the ghost of yesterday. Holding a grudge & harboring anger/resentment is poison to the soul. Get even with people...but not those who have hurt us, forget them, instead get even with those who have helped us.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

This seemed appropriate to dealing with past issues and in honoring what Sabbath means. Sabbath tradition sits in resting from work and sitting with the goodness of creation. That led me to the thought of creation and whales. Got it?

mother-in-law to mother to grief to letting go to to creation to to whales

Doesn't everyone's mind work that way?

I am honored to live in an area where whales (mostly orcas) hang out. I am also honored to have been to Hawaii and hanging out with whales there (mostly humpback). I flipped through my photos of the humpback whales of Hawaii and remembered that every time I have been there, I have had mother and child whales just hang out next to our boat for large amounts of time. As if they were playing with us. There is no photo that can capture the experience of having a mother and child humpback whale playing in the water next to you and then hear the song of the escort bubble up from the ocean's floor. And here I was back to mother and child, creation and whales.

If I had a spirit animal, it might be one of these whales. When I am with them, their presence resonates through my being and I am awed. I looked up humpback whale as animal totem and this is what it revealed:

If Whale is your Animal Totem

You have a deeper awareness of the world around you and a connection to the cosmic consciousness. You recognize that what you see is not necessarily the reality of what actually is. You are easily able to bridge these differences and integrate all things into the truth of what actually is. Whale people are very nurturing and have very strong ties to their community at large. Often they are the movers and shakers passionately standing up for what is right locally. Whale people love to get lost in their own creativity but often have to find a balance with this world and the real world.

Can we all laugh uproariously? Yes, yes, and yes.

Whales also keep us in touch with what we are doing to the environment. The biggest killer of whales is humanity. Pollution. I've heard it said that most female orcas first child whale dies because of Mercury poisoning that has accumulated in the fat of the mother whale (fat is 50% of mama's milk, mercury pollution in the ocean accumulates in the orca's fat, when food is slim and fat must be burned, they poison themselves). This is horrible. As we watch our whales deplete themselves, our world becomes less wondrous. Our light is dimmed. Our humanity is diminished.

It is time to wake up! Well, past time. Pollution is bad. Let's stop it. Destroying our natural resources is bad. Let's stop it. A country cannot be successful if they have no resources. We need to be careful to preserve these resources for the good of a country and the good of a world. And the good of whales.

Amen? Amen!


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By Terri Stewart
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