Monday, June 21

Spending Sabbath with Le Ballon Rouge

I don't know what made me think of it, but suddenly the very old movie Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon) popped into my head today. I saw this movie when I was a child. I think they played it once a year or so on television and I found it to be enchanting. It was a movie that grabbed my heart.

If you know this movie, fab! If not, it is a simple and sweet movie about a boy and his sentient balloon. It was published in 1956. I began thinking about it and wondering if there was a clip on YouTube that would be appropriate for a Sabbath pause. Well, the whole movie was there! I paused for 30 minutes to watch (35 minutes actually). The movie still makes me smile in delight as the ballon rouge teases and delights the young boy in the movie and by extension, the audience. It's hilarious how people accept this balloon trailing people around like an obnoxious puppy.

Obedient balloons would be the answer to every parent's moment when their small child releases a balloon and we watch it float away, helpless to aid our little love in their pursuit of their balloon.

Balloons and Sabbath. Hmm. How do we get to Sabbath from a balloon movie? I would suggest that a wonderful use of Sabbath time would be to reconnect with something from your childhood that you loved. Something you haven't experienced in quite some time. Something that will slow you down enough that you can pause and regain your footing so that you are able to begin again with wholeness.

What will you do to create a sacred pause in your life?

How can you use time to create wholeness?

Maybe you will join me in watching Le Ballon Rouge. But watch out, it is an unexpected emotional moment when we become confronted with the destruction of innocence. But, as one of the YouTube commenters wrote, "This is really a spiritual family [the balloons]." It begs the question, "How do we respond to destructiveness?" The balloons, the movie.

by Jakob Esben H. CC licensed (BY NC SA)
by Jakob Esben H.
CC licensed (BY NC SA)

(c) 2014, post, Terri Stewart
(c) 2008, photo, cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Jakob Esben H.:

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