Thursday, July 29

Sabbath Saturday: Dreaming

In sleep at night, whether you know or not, the dreams come. If you are like me, you rarely remember your dreams. I wish that I was like those people that could remember all their dreams, have dream journals, and become wiser, deeper people through their accessing of their subconscious in this way.


But while I may not remember dreams, I can access my subconscious desires through meditation and contemplative practices. Listening to the deepest voice within my embodied self. Some would name this deep voice God, others name it Desire, Transformation, Mystery, or Sacred Self. For me, it is all of that. But there is one thing for certain! If I did not slow down, I would not be able to access my most sacred dreams.

Slowing down, in meditation, is a necessary part of health and of accessing dreaming. My wish for you is that you will find a dedicated moment in your week where you can access true rest, true slowness, and true dreams. And that it will strengthen you for the journey forward as you begin once again.

pausing to slow down
dreams descend from on high
planted in my heart

Dreamcatchers by Terri Stewart
by Terri Stewart


(c) 2014, post, haiku, and photo , Terri Stewart


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