Monday, June 14

Sabbath Moment in a Spoon

“Shabbat is like nothing else.  Time as we know it does not exist for those twenty-four hours, and the worries of the week soon fall away.  A feeling of joy appears.  The smallest object, a leaf or a spoon, shimmers in a soft light, and the heart opens.  Shabbat is a meditation of unbelievable beauty.”  (Mudhouse Sabbath, p. 2)

by Tau Zero CC (BY-NC-SA)
by Tau Zero

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  • I think it was Rabbi Heschel who once said the Sabbath does not exist in time, but that time exists in the Sabbath.


    “The People made the Constitution and the People can unmake it. It is a creature of their will and lives only by their will.”

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