Monday, June 21

Return to Awe

In hermeneutics, there is the idea of the "first naiveté." This is when you first encounter something and take it at face value. This is often an awe inspiring time. Encountering the ocean for the first time. Snow. Love. Over time, we become used to the initial awe that we felt and begin to examine our encounter more closely. Not only do we see the ocean, but we see the whales. Not only do we see the whales, but we see the difficulties with pollution and encroaching on their habitat. Eventually, we move beyond our first naiveté and make deeper meaning and a deeper connection. When we are able to move into this deeper connection, it is a return to awe.

It seems to me, a return to awe is fully appropriate for a Sabbath activity.

What do you find awe inspiring?

Where are you going deeper?

How are you connecting with the cosmos?


  • Lovely post. You really helped me reflect:
    I try to hold on to tiny things that “keep” me in awe (rather than “return”) – the awe of how in ways unseen and unknown I am reminded of my connection to everyone through God. Tiny things – smiling at strangers, shedding tears, a touch, being curious about the world. I’m not meaning to sound trite – it’s just the way I do it.

    I try, NOT always successfully, to remember that I am already in eternity – it’s not something “out there” but right here and now. That’s my awe.

  • I love this video (saw it before), but I also really enjoyed your words next to it.

    Small, bigger, bigger, bigger, awe.

    For me, it basically is just walking in a spring forest. Zap. Contemplating. Releasing from all working modes. Poof. And there it is…

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