Wednesday, June 23

Religious Leaders’ Delegations to Occupy Sites

Many have been moved by the moral voices calling for corporate and political accountability being lifted up by the various Occupy demonstrators across the country. Many of us have already taken time to visit these sites to express support and solidarity. On the first Monday of every month, religious leaders plan a time to do so, together.

The outline for these events is very simple:

  1. Starting with the November gathering, invite a religious leader you know who might be willing to be part of a delegation to join you. This is a great event to invite folks to who haven't been able to participate in previous marches, protests or delegations.
  2. Gather at the building of the religious community closest to your community's Occupy site (after having asked their permission, of course) wearing the religious garb that reflects your tradition.
  3. Walk from that site to the Occupy site, planning to arrive there at about 10:30 am.
  4. Thank those who are present for their witness and commit to support their work.

Please share this page with others you think would be willing to participate. If your faith community is near an Occupy site, consider offering up that site as a gathering place and invite your colleagues to join you there the first Monday of every month.

Information here.