Wednesday, June 23

Reflection Moment

Today is commencement. It is a rather significant looking back and looking forward looms large.

My journey to seminary started in 2003 in a Disciple Bible Study class. We were challenged to do something uncomfortable. That is when I heard "Go to prison." the first time. Then, doing prison ministry, I heard, "I am calling you." Yikes! The upshot is that God's grace has been with me and goes with me.

It took two years to finish my BS and then 5 years for my MDIV/Post-Masters Certificate. I have been in school for half of my son's life. No more will he hear, "I have homework to do." Wow.

Looking forward, I am hopeful that I will co-create a new way of being church with folks that are among the lost, the least, and the lonely. Heart work.

But today, in this moment, I am grateful for God, my family, my friends, my home church, and all the saints that have traveled with me. (and a big shout out to Robert, my dear hubby).

Amen. Maranatha. Alleluia.

Rejoice in gratitude for this moment built by so many other moments.



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