Saturday, June 19

Reflection – Back from Alaska

When I was in Alaska, my trusty Nikon D70 died. Just quit turning on. I have had that camera for years! I bought a telephoto lens for it when my oldest son was in 3rd grade so that I could snap photos of the kids on stage. Kennedy was in the third grade production of Mozart Mouse. So cute!

This camera has traveled across the country, on mission trips, to school events, on scrapbooking journeys, and places I can not even remember...but I have the photos!

So, farewell to a trusty friend. I am posthumously naming her Elsa. 🙂

I transitioned from Elsa to my phone camera for the attached shot of Haines, AK.

In Juneau, I was introduced to the Nikon 3100. Not the latest model, but sufficient and she works with my lenses! Woot! I will be introducing photos from her...I am naming her Alena.

Welcome, Alena!! And sorry Windows phone camera, you will still remain nameless. Like Voldemort. 😉

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  • Sorry about your camera, but sounds like it did stand the test of time. This is a lovely, lovey photograph, Terri.

    Hope you had a fabulous time. Look forward to “hearing”‘ more.

    Welcome home and be well.

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