Wednesday, June 16

Reflecting on Sacred Responses to Taxes

Yes. You read that right. I am writing this on April 15th in response to a sacred response to taxes that I found written by Diana Butler Bass on Twitter. I am sharing it here:

She prays as she mails her taxes. (Prayer below). I wonder what our world would be like if we approached even taxes as a sacred response?

Thank you, God, that we live in a nation wise enough to understand that when we share goods we create more good, especially for the poor, those suffering, and those in need.

Multiply this tax payment so hungry people will be fed, prisoners will be treated justly, students educated, our parks and natural resources cared for.

Lift my heart toward gratitude today. That my family can contribute to the good of this land. That we have a small part in making a great country.

Forgive us, Lord, when this money is used for evil and violence. When the common purse funds programs and policies that work against love, when this money is used to enrich the wealthy and make the poor poorer.

Empower my family, God, to stand and speak and work for the good use of all your resources. To protest inequality and the corrupt uses of these tax monies.

May the financial benefit you entrust to us be a blessing to those whom you love, those closest to your heart. May these funds go toward creating a society where compassion is foremost and cruelty is banished.

May our hard work in 2018 be work well-done and contribute to the good work of community, fairness, true freedom, and justice.

And so, knowing all these things -- that this check represents the common good and does good, that we beg forgiveness when it is used toward sin and evil, empower us to have the good overcome corruption, and fill our lives with gratitude and joy of work and community.

Weave the threads of that community, God. That generosity would overcome selfishness; grace displace injustice; and gratitude guide toward healing divisions. Thank you for the bounty of our American table. May more & more seats to pulled up to that table and may all be fed. Amen.

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  • I greatly admire both her and you for being … ready? … sure? … still time to quit outta comments … OK … remember: you were warned … for being “deep in the heart of taxes”.


    No need to thank me .. gladda help any time!


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