Monday, June 14


Focus on joy!

i had surgery a week and a half ago. It wasn't brain surgery, but it could have been. In the process of the testing, I accumulated a few more diagnoses to add to the ones I was already trying to deal with. Two of these would,  If the doctor felt like they were causing the  symptoms I was experiencing, have indeed meant brain surgery.

Now I'm not new to this, since I have had surgeries to reduce fluid on my brain when I was a little girl. The last one was when I was eight years old, though, and I'm not nearly as resilient at 48 as I was at 8! So I was happy when the surgeon picked the operation on an area a few inches below my brain to reduce cervical stenosis to start with. (There may be more surgeries depending on symptom relief--this remains to be seen.)

I realize now I need to do an "operation" of sorts on my brain to help me recover. Focus on joy. Not easy to do when home health is driving me crazy, and I'm tired and hurting. But it will help me realize that I have much to be grateful for, and that this too shall pass.

I guess that's the thought I'd like to leave y'all with today. Focus on joy. See what it feels like for your brain to overdose on joy!

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