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Random Offering: Dr. Seuss Inspired Liturgy

Hi! I wrote a Dr. Seuss inspired liturgy and a lot of folks want a copy of it. So, first, I didn't write the whole thing. I adapted, I wrote, I borrowed, I collaborated...all these things. But, I am responsible for pulling it all together into one worship! Haha! And I am responsible for making the language inclusive. And I am also responsible for sucking Paul Mitchell into this!

So here it is:

Call to Worship by Rev. Terri Jane Stewart

The Spirit of Christ is filled with love!
That rises in us like a peaceful dove.
Life lived in God is full of grace!
Filled with a love that gives us chase.
Complete is God’s love that gives salvation!
No barriers stop us from full liberation.
Praise God, who restores our life together.
Amen and amen, we sing forever!

Opening Prayer adapted from Dr. Seuss's "A Prayer for a Child"

From here on earth, from our small place,
We ask of God way out in space:
Please tell all folks in every land
What You and I both understand.
Please tell all folks that peace is good.
That's all that need be understood
in every world in Your great sky.
We understand. Both You and I.

Communion adapted from Allie Scott

May the Lord be with you.
And also with you.

May your hearts be lightened and filled with God’s love!
We lift up our hearts and praise God above.

Let us give thanks to the Lord, God our Creator.
We thank God and give praise – for God is all the greater!

It is right and good-ful; holy and wonderful; blessed and joyful;
To give thanks to you God, Almighty and faithful.
For it’s you that has given us this worship time,
Filled with laughter, some holy humor and rhyme.
It’s you that has shown us your holy love,
That you have sent from heaven high up above.
And so, with your angels who first sang your song,
We proclaim your goodness by singing along:

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might,
Heaven is filled with your marvelous glory;
Earth is filled with your light.
Blessed is he who comes in your name –
“Hosanna on high!” we loudly proclaim.

Holy God, it’s your Son we remember today,
Jesus Christ, the anointed, whom we try to obey.
He encouraged the poor and freed the oppressed,
And taught us that you care about the distressed.
Through his suffering, death, and resurrection,
He taught that Your grace beats out our imperfection.
He ascended to Heaven and sits there beside you,
But still remains with us in all that we do.

On the night he was taken, he lifted some bread,
He blessed it, and broke it, and here’s what he said:
“Dear friends, this is my body to you that I give.
Take it; share it: in you I will live.
From now on, whenever, wherever you meet
Remember our time when this bread here you eat.”

When supper was over, he then took the cup,
With praise and thanksgiving he lifted it up:
“For the New Covenant, this is enough;
A sign of the Lord’s continuing love.
For God has forgiven your every mistake,
So trust in God’s love when this drink you partake.”
May we offer ourselves for God’s greater glory,
And proclaim what we know of this fabulous story:

Christ Jesus: he died, but then rose again!
He’ll return here on earth: Hallelujah! Amen.

Holy Spirit, come down on us gathered here,
With this bread and this fruit of the vine please appear.
Make holy this food, fill us with your grace,
So we proclaim gospel to the whole human race.
We love you, Lord Jesus, we’ll shout out again
Your glory and honor:

Amen and Amen!

The Lord's Prayer adapted from Laura Aleona in The Upper Room Worship Book, #457, by Paul Mitchell

And so we say the prayer today
that Jesus taught this special way:

Life-giver, Lover of us all,
Upon your holy name we call;
Your new day come, your will be done,
On earth as in all realms beyond.
We pray this day for bread to live;
Forgive our sins as we forgive;
And give us strength in time of test;
Grant us release from evil’s death.
For all the cosmos is your own,
Your power of love which we have known.
The splendor, radiant, without end,
To God be praise! Amen. Amen.

Prayer after Communion by Paul Mitchell

Today is God’s day.
We're off to great places.
We're off and away.

We've got Christ as our body
and joy in our hearts!
We can seek out God’s plan
with the love God imparts.

We’re not on our own.
We’re in it together.
Yes, we are the ones who,
with God, storms can weather.

We're off to great places.
Today is God’s day.
Our mission is waiting.
Let’s get on our way!


Benediction from Dave Newton

Note: I'll be using Horton Hears a Who in my sermon but Dave Newton has composed a bunch of benedictions for a variety of Dr. Seuss stories!

Horton is an elephant who always knows just what to do,
Including the first time that he ever met his good friend - the esteemed Mayor Who.

A small speck of dust at first was what Horton thought,
But it turned out that there were many Who's in there...a ton...a whole lot!!

We should all learn from Horton to take action right away;
His insistence to sound the Who's voice is what helped to save the day.

We are the Body of Christ and live as God's whole,
THIS is how we best serve and nourish our soul...

To be the WE in God's word and respond to his call,
Because a Christian's a CHRISTIAN, no matter how small!

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

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