Sunday, April 11

Putting My Soul into Words

Every time I sit down to write these days, I feel a tension in my body. It's as if I feel too vulnerable to share something close to my heart. Even right now, I can feel it. Have you ever felt like that?

I've mentioned on here that I don't get out of my house much. I hate thinking of myself as homebound or a "shut-in" or even worse an "invalid." It makes me feel even more vulnerable because sometimes I feel left out of the lives of people I care about. Reaching out to someone feels like a risk that's more than I can take.

Sometimes I think it even extends to my relationship with God. Putting my feelings into words in prayer means I have to ignore how unworthy I feel.

I'm trying to hold on to faith that God wants to hear what I have to say. I guess today I'm trying to hold on to faith that my words mean something to someone. God bless you all.

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