Thursday, July 29

Prayerful Tuesday: Praying Through Poetry

First, my computer has passed on to its next life so I'm using my phone to do this post. Phones are amazing. However writing blog post on them is a little challenging!

Yesterday, Charleena Lyalls  was killed by Seattle police officers. It is yet another name in a long list of names of African-American people who have reached out to police for help and instead been killed. I know there will be no justice for Charleena  and her family because the laws in Washington protect officers in shooting situations. I believe the law states that there has to be intentional malice.  But I'm not an expert.

Hold Charleena Lyalls in your heart and watch this slam poet, Chris Lilley, and align yourself with all that is love and ask yourself what is the most loving action? What is the most merciful thing we can do? Where is justice?

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