Monday, July 26

Prayerful Tuesday

Prayer for Tuesday
by Terri Stewart

Last night I was privileged enough to sit in circle with a multicultural group. We were multicultural both from the standpoint of ethnicity but also religious diversity.

The words of God and Allah flowed interchangeably as we opened our souls to one another. As we became more human with each other.

It was beautiful. That is how we are meant to be.

Let us pray,

Spirit of life, god of many names,
I pray that this world can find it's humanity.
That each person can fully heal.
receive what they need
experience joy
lament in sorrow
walk with their neighbor
and whisper to the wind,
deep peace.

Spirit of love, god of many forms,
I pray that this world can find it's center.
That each plant can fully grow.
bringing sustenance to all
knowing nourishing soil
healthy rains
beneficial climates
and throwing their forms to the wind,
deep peace.

Spirit of joy, god of presence,
I pray that this world can find it's happiness.
That each created being can fully become.
the one you have called into becoming
the whale and anemone,
coral and seagulls,
cougars and antelopes,
born to innocence, each needing
deep peace.

No wars. No famine. No hoarding of food and water.
Care for all so that we may all be able to whisper to the world and the wind,

Deep peace.
Deep shalom.
Deep سلام .
Deep minaggen.
Deep ᏙᎯᏱ.
Deep síocháin.
Deep 平和.
Deep pace.
Deep paix.
Deep paz.
Deep صلح.

Amen and أمين and אָמֵן and ἀμήν.


Words for peace curated here.

Let Our Prayers Rise Up
(c) 2013, Terri Stewart


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