Monday, June 14

Prayerful Tuesday

How is your prayer practice coming?

A colleague recently asked me about meditation practices. I taught him the simplest of meditations or prayers. Breath prayer! This happens to be one of my favorite ways of praying. In my methodology, on the inhale, you would hold your image of transcendence. That could be many things depending on your walk. Cosmos, Abba, Amma, God, Goddess, Spirit. On the exhale, you release and state your need. Peace, calm, silence, action, change.

Inhale (breathe in): Holiness

Exhale (breathe out): Bring peace

I have since been taught another way by Soyinka Rahim. She calls it BIBOLove. (You can buy her music here).

Breathe in

Breathe out: shh, sigh, yum, hum, roar

Sometimes, we are without words and breathing is enough.


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