Thursday, June 24

Prayer of Confession from Mark Sandlin

My Prayer of Confession for this Sunday
from Mark Sandlin of the God Article

Man in Prayer Reconciling Ministries Conference

Good and gracious God,
In this moment
as we come before you
we wrestle with our ability
to trust in you
in the darkest hours.

When we find ourselves
in modern day wildernesses,
we confess that we are
much more likely
to go at it alone,
to isolate ourselves,
shut you and the world out,
than we are to take a risk,
open ourselves up
and trust in the hope
founded in love and grace.

When we find ourselves
in our darkest places,
helps us remember
the presence of you.
Encourage us to turn outward,
to receive the loving spirit
of the ones who surround
and care about us.

And in good times and bad,
may we seek out the lost,
the confused and the afraid.
My we walk boldly
into the deserts of this life
where others struggle
and extend to them
the grace and love
which you encourage us
to share.


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