Wednesday, August 4

Practical Cat on Cinco de Mayo

Joy is your favorite kitty.


had we hominidos our wits, we’d have had his cojones clipped
before some perro made him into a crippled capon, that tomcat
he was boisterous and adamant and ready for trouble, it wasn’t
just his maleness he lost, it was his life, poor thing and he left

the other mourning and coughing up chicken bits and hair balls
and too woebegone to steal fatty succulents from Mexicali Rose
while she was busy adjusting the bbq grill, flirting with Brian ~
those two spiced their tacos with a bit of kissy-face touchy-bod

in the heat of the heat of that summer in ’86, when we celebrated
Cinco de Mayo in the park off Alameda de las Pulgas and a new
little furry calabaza came into our lives, half-starved and dehydrated
with a heavy chain-choker some gamberro put around his neck -

idiot! - and Brian freed him and we rushed him to the vet hospital
where they repaired the damage, he became el pequeño hermano
to the black and white, the essential practical cat, forgetting her
tom and her mourning, letting that sweet boy stroll into her heart

© 2018, poem, Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day and The BeZine), All rights reserved; Photo credit Darren Hanlon, Public Domain

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