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Eli Eli lama sabachthani? where were you when the embryo hatched and was formed by blood-spattered hyenas tearing hope from limb to limb and laughing gleefully at the mockery where were you when the embryo fell and love offered a hit of a crack pipe covered in symbols flashing through the ghetto offering escape from the desolate heat the hands that should be reaching out are cut off at the wrists bleeding sanctimonious tripe in defiance of the call to love the least , lost, and lonely while sentencing each embryo to death guilty rings through the room as we continue to bleed the embryo out with ignorance born of fear and shame and the lie of the only way being my way standing on the corner shouting belligerently to repent or die revelation rings through the cosmos as the embryo marches th...
Poetry Party:  Jesus is My Rock :-)

Poetry Party: Jesus is My Rock :-)

Poetry, spiritual practice
from the earth you were birthed in violent trembles shock and awe propelling you out into a new place absent the molten warmth of the mother’s embrace. carved through time into a new thing called by ancient stirrings to return to the encircling warmth of love where ash and sky are one. Photo credit:  Christine Valters Paintner, Abbey of the Arts Poem credit:  Terri Stewart, inspired by Christine's photo

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  Mud   washer machines, vacuum cleaners, cars in traffic driving to, driving from, frantic anxiety, tasks, no sleep cooking, worrying, the news   footsteps sticking, swishing, squishing eww, gross, slime between toes flying up legs, splattering masking, treacherous ground   settling, calming, wreckage falling separating earth, separating water debris from life, ashes born again silently, forming, rainbow of light   swaying, dancing, twirling with joy embraced, kingdom come lover and beloved, ecstasy.