to R.L.

Poetry, Politics, Spirituality
do not judge me! i did not slink through the murky nightfall of stars leaving the sky in a vapid attempt to find the safety of an oasis floating on wall street. i may not have a job but at least i have my soul. ~Terri Stewart, Dec. 2010 for Three Word Wednesday


Poetry, Spirituality
weeds where are my chrysanthemums? their curved fingers gently holding the jaspar engraved with names of love, trust, and compassion. where are they? i call out like mother gaia searching for her lost children overturning stone after stone of anger, fear, and compulsion. where are they? have the weeds swallowed you up like a crocodile meeting a chihauhau? where are they? where are they? where are you? ~Terri Stewart, Dec. 2010


Poetry, Spirituality
  today today’s journey should begin with a rushandflurryand hecticmovement but i refuse.  the crazed mob of achievement will not hold me today. i will instead, hold the newly born thought of peace on earth, and all the crickets too. what? you say that isn’t new?  well, it should be. ~(c) Terri Stewart, December 2010 Random thought for the day:  Isn't it odd how refuse (say no) and refuse (trash) are the same word?  I feel something fun coming from that.