A Mandala Journey:  A Web of Fire

A Mandala Journey: A Web of Fire

Sometimes, I wonder what I was thinking combining two reflective exercises!  Today, my mandala journey is to walk with the web while my seasonal journey is to contemplate fire.  Looking for images for inspiration, I kept coming across the beautiful spiderweb that is laden with dew.  Not really fire is it!  But I like these thoughts of the interconnected of life through the web and what fire can do for that.  It is more fruitful than what appeared when I searched on "web of fire!"  Umpteen references to Spiderman. What is a web of fire?  There is an old camp song called "Pass it on" by Kurt Kaiser.  The beginning lyrics are: It only takes a spark, to get a fire going. And soon all those around, will warm up to its glowing. This spark, this warmth, becomes a glow that warms and strength
A Mandala Journey:  Circle of Self

A Mandala Journey: Circle of Self

Hope, Spirituality
Circle of Self  When I think of the self, I think of the self resting in the cosmos.  And the cosmos resting in the self.  Intertwined and dancing together.  I think of the song, "I've got the whole world in my hands."  And if I was a real artist, I would paint this circle and paint hands holding it.  Holding the self and the cosmos.  And in my journey of praying with the elements, I am discovering wind.  Last night I watched Angels and Demons, one of the all time worst movies.  However, it is really interesting to think about anti-matter and dark matter.  In the movie, the anti-matter explosion caused tremendously forceful winds.  But not all wind is like that.  I love the little dirt devils.  When I was a child in Colorado, I used to try and find the center of the small dirt devils. 
A Mandala Journey:  Resting in the Darkness

A Mandala Journey: Resting in the Darkness

Hope, Spirituality
Day 1:  Resting in Darkness Interestingly, I cannot quite follow directions and paint an entirely black or very dark circle.  My thoughts lead me to the regenerative spirit of darkness.   Where there is regeneration, there is not an absence of color, maybe an absence of imagination.  Or that may be quite arrogant!  I am reminded that Jesus rested in the darkness from Friday to Sunday.  Between life and life again.  As I was painting, I almost felt the darkness coming alive and looking at me as an old crone looks with inquiry onto the world.  Creative response: darkness  in the darkness vibrancy is disguised as death. form overtaking what is life.  Journey with me through a creative experience over the next bit where I use mandalas and a specific exercise in "The Mandala Workbook" b