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One more point about Call to Action

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There are four competing structures being proposed, one from the Western Jurisdiction Bishops and constituencies.  The main point being that the finalized Call to Action was not given to the Bishops allowing them to offer criticism or suggestions.  Now, it is the Bishop's job to set the spiritual tone for the entire church.  The Call to Action is a major piece re-orienting our church and most definitely attempts to set the spiritual tone with a focus on "Go and make disciples!"  Quote:

I’m wondering why the Call to Action (when finished) was not shared with the bishops who could then do this type of session to discuss the pluses and minuses and offer revisions before the CtA ever came out to the UM public. The findings from the meetings of every jurisdiction could then be passed on to the CtA team who could then make some revisions and then release the CtA in a more constructive manner. I honestly think we would be in a better position of knowing what might be best for the church if these things had happened.1

Section IV. Specific Responsibilities of Bishops ¶ 414. Leadership—Spiritual and Temporal—1. To lead and oversee the spiritual and temporal affairs of The United Methodist Church which confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and particularly to lead the Church in its mission of witness and service in the world. 2. To strengthen the local church, giving spiritual leadership to both laity and clergy; and to build relationships with people of local congregations of the area. 3. To guard, transmit, teach, and proclaim, corporately and individually, the apostolic faith as it is expressed in Scripture and tradition, and, as they are led and endowed by the Spirit, to interpret that faith evangelically and prophetically. 4. To travel through the connection at large as the Council of Bishops (¶ 427) to implement strategy for the concerns of the Church. 5. To teach and uphold the theological traditions of The United Methodist Church. 6. To provide liaison and leadership in the quest for Christian unity in ministry, mission, and structure and in the search for strengthened relationships with other living faith communities. 7. To organize such missions as shall have been authorized by the General Conference. 8. To promote and support the evangelistic witness of the whole Church. 9. To discharge such other duties as the Discipline may direct. 10. To convene the Order of Deacons and the Order of Elders and work with the elected chairperson of each order. 11. To promote, support, and model generous Christian giving, with special attention to teaching the Biblical principals of giving.



2 No Author (2009-01-01). The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2008-2012 (p. 309). Abingdon Press. Kindle Edition.

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