Monday, June 14

Ok, so what about the pink candle?

As I said last week, I grew up Southern Baptist, but I don't really have a foundation in what Advent is all about. So when I saw the picture I posted last week of the Advent candles, somebody said it had always bothered them to see the pink candle where it was. They never understood why it was there, and their "obsessive side wishing for color order like a proper box of crayons." Another person in the conversation said it had bothered them for 30 years. I have to admit, y'all, that it had never once occurred to me to wonder this. But here you go. This came from the Chicago archdiocese's Office of Peace and Justice, who were the ones who tweeted the picture of the dog and the candles in response to the request of Emily Miller, Digital Editor Social Media and Engagement at the Chicago Sun-Times (paraphrasing hers):  "The candles, in order, stand for Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. That part I knew. Advent is a penitential season, like Lent, but you get a break during Week 3 because it's almost Christmas! You get to rejoice instead of repent! So that's why the candle is pink. Because pink is the color of happiness and joy and purple is the color of repentance in the church."

So there you go. Take a break from all that repenting you were doing--you were repenting all this time, weren't you? Well, oops. Anyway, rejoice! And remember Jesus VERY SOON. goggie advent


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