Wednesday, June 16

Of Writers, Spiders, and Everyday Life

On Facebook, there's a video going round that gives us a view of a spider at work on his web. As I was watching it - fascinated, though spiders are not my most favorite creatures - I thought how like a writer this little guy is. He starts to spin his web without a thread in sight. In effect he spins on faith. It's a faith very much like that of a writer when she picks up a pen or sits down at the keyboard. Often we writers don't know what the words will be, how the story will end, or what is the best cadence and flow for each subject we chose to address or the story we are inspired to tell through poetry or fiction. We proceed in the faith that the perfect word, the perfect ending, the perfect cadence will come to us. We have confidence (perhaps a shaky confidence at times, but confidence all the same) that our writerly thread will be there as needed.

It occurs to me that this same faith is the way to approach life in general. This is not something that must rest on whether or not we believe in God. What matters is the faith (confidence) we have in ourselves to spin the threads of courage, discernment and will within as we experience the ordinary and extraordinary business of everyday life. This isn't a guarantee that we'll be free from pain or that we will "win" in the way that our societies view winning. It does mean that we have faith in our own ability to write personal stories of beauty (as we define it), contentment and self-empowerment.

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  • How appropriate that you should post about spiders on the web … couldn’t resist.

    Writing is one aspect of life — marriage to Diane is another — that has categorically NEVER dissppointed me. I have never had “writer’s block”. Sometimes I end up writing about something other than originally intended when I first sat down. But I’ve never been at a loss. If anything, my problem is, not writer’s block, but … I dunno … “writer’s diarrhea”. As my editor, I’m sure you know what I mean!


    • Love the pun, James. Glad you couldn’t resist. No, I never am blocked either and I’ve been writing since I was seventeen. Am not refering to block here but to the core – or even just a hint – of an idea that is fleshed out as we work. If we questioned the validity of that core – pre-editing in effect – we would be blocked and we might never begin. Same in life. Faith/confidence/passion is more than half-way to completion. You wouldn’t have a happy marriage if you never proposed.

      • Thank you for your comment. It didn’t occur to me that someone migh think this referred to block when it is actually the antidote. I clarified that on “The Poet by Day.” … LOL! Everyone needs an editor. And no I don’t consider that you have writer’s diarrhea. I think you have passion and are in the flow, which are both valued characteristics.

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