now is the time

Ultimate Horizon
now is the time

Ground of All Being
now is the time

now is the time

now is the time.
now is the time.

Inspired by: 2 Corinthians 5:20b—6:10


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  1. becca givens said on February 22, 2012
    Now is the time ... for time seems to be shortening at a faster clip! Thank you for sharing, Terri! Blessings, this Ash Wednesday!
  2. booguloo said on February 22, 2012
  3. granbee said on February 22, 2012
    Now IS the time, for NOW is all the time we ever have. He gives us breath each moment for that moment to be in the moment with him.
    1. Terri said on February 22, 2012
      I was thinking it was very liturgical by the time I finished. :-)

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