Musings from Election Primaries


I know that it’s not my place to tell
But listening to you is a little piece of hell
You talk on and on about things I don’t care about
Everything you say I can’t help but doubt
I hope all of this is over soon.
You’re starting to sound like a goon

Do you believe the words you say?
It seems like your opinions are changing every day.
I’m confused about it all
And I’m afraid on your own pride you will fall
I guess you’ll have one more chance
To win your victory dance.

Inspired by the election primaries, no particular candidate

We know what the candidates we believe in think about the issues we care about. If we don’t, it often leads to feelings like I expressed in my poem. Be very clear about who the candidates are and what they are saying about the matters that matter most to you. Don’t let them impress you with useless words.

My home state of South Carolina selected a candidate from the Republican party who has said things I don't agree with on the matters I care about most. This candidate has offended so many groups of people I can't believe he's being presented as a viable candidate.

North Carolina is still waiting for its turn. We shall see how it goes.

I am hopeful that these primaries and this election will lay a foundation that will lead to a better circumstance for our country. We need to move forward instead of spinning our wheels.

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  1. SilentKim said on February 28, 2016
    This election year is the scariest I ever witness. That candidate said on video that he loves certain people I don't remember who exactly but he said he loves stupid people, he especially loves stupid people. He knows it's stupid people who will vote for him. I saw a poster on FB that question how Hitler got into office.

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