Friday, June 18

Mindful Monday: Winning and losing

Winning gives birth to hostility.
Losing, one lies down in pain.
The calmed lie down with ease,
having set winning & losing aside.

Dhammapada 15.201

What are you noticing about victory, loss, and indifference?


for Mindful Monday


© Feb 2, 2015, post: Donna Pierce
Photo credit: Bettina Hansen, Seattle Times, 2/1/15.


  • Lovely sentiment, Terri. Reminds me of an article I wrote almost four years ago on the very subject of winning and losing …

    … forgive the intrusion of an item from my own blog, but the subject encompasses so many aspects of human nature: love and loss, coping with illness and coming to terms with the less palatable aspects of life, that represent recurring themes in my own writings.

    The Dhammapada, however, does sum it up very succinctly.

  • Another translation is: “Victory brings hate, because the defeated man is unhappy. He who surrenders victory and defeat, this man finds joy.” Ultimately, I chose the other translation because the image of lying down in pain was exactly what I needed after the Seahawks squandered their near-certain win last night! Beyond sports, though, I liked the notion of being able to “set aside” a victory or defeat rather than “surrendering” (to) it. I find “surrender” can be a difficult concept/action/non-action to grasp, but “setting aside” has an element of intentional, wise choice that appeals to me.

  • I agree … but before you can set aside the categories of “winning” and “losing”, you have to go through a phase — usually quite long, maybe most of a lifetime, when “winning” and “losing” ARE important. You can’t short-circuit the process. If you try to run before you crawl, you’ll never even learn to walk.

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