Wednesday, June 16

Mindful Monday: What’s the point?

The point isn't to perfect your body or your personality. The point is really to perfect your compassion and your love.

— Jack Kornfield

What are you noticing about the growth of your compassion and love?


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Source: 4 Oct 2017 interview with Jack Kornfield in "Finding Freedom Right Here, Right Now" by Maria Scarles.
Photo credit: "EKO gas station, refugee camp," Frantisek Trampota, 2016.

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  • My (boringly constant) thoughts precisely. But can we get this message to register with a fashion and celebrity obsessed population of consumers?

    It seems almost like, in the Western World at least, our instincts are no longer concerned for our survival by making sure we know where our next meal is coming from, but rather we are more concerned about where our next makeover is coming from!

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