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Mindful Monday: thisherenow

I became interested in mindfulness about 25 years ago and have read countless books, both Buddhist and secular, on the subject, trying to learn how to ease mental pain and unhappiness. Most of the books were quite good, yet I continued to suffer psychologically. I kept thinking that surely the next book would be The One that would contain the perfect quote or secret that would suddenly heal the suffering and dissatisfaction I had with life. Unsurprisingly, I’ve never found that book.

You’d think that I would’ve realized a little sooner that (1) reading about mindfulness does not create mindfulness, and (2) each of those books plainly offered the very “secret” I kept looking for: if you want to get out of your mental prison, spend more time practicing being mindful than you do reading cool quotes about it!

If it's your intention to become more mindful, I suggest that you don't make a New Year’s resolution about it for 2014. The next twelve months lay ahead, and you can only be mindful now… and now… and now. Nevertheless, a single word could serve as your touchstone each day in the coming year. Mine is borrowed from Cheri Huber, the guide at Zen Monastery Peace Center: thisherenow.

Which word crystallizes that intention for you and will wake you up, again and again, to live in thisherenow, the only moment you ever have?

My word for mindfulness in 2014 is ____________________.


What are you noticing today?


for Mindful Monday

This week on Begin Again, we will ask for a word every day focused on spiritual disciplines or practices. Then on January 1, 2014, we will ask for an overall theme word. You can share as you feel appropriate as we travel towards making 2014 a year of disciplined spiritual practices that transform the everyday in holy days.

If you feel so moved, leave your word for mindfulness in the comments.

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