Thursday, June 24

Mindful Monday: The Thing About Fear

Over the past several years, fear has crept up on me. It keeps me from taking the next steps on the rocky road of my life. Almost every move or decision seems fraught with threat, loss, or a major screw-up. I have no idea where to head because I'm more lost and confused than at perhaps any other time in my life.

Today, though, it occurs to me that I need not have a destination in mind or a goal to reach except to take a step. Direction is unnecessary because the road will unfold as I walk it. Whatever I meet, it's just "this, too."

The Thing About Fear

We try to avoid it, distract ourselves,
even put others in the way. Because it
makes what is necessary seem monumental.
It makes what is needed seem uncrossable.
Yet when we stumble over the line, or are
loved over the line, or, in our exhaustion,
fall beyond our pain, what we feared
was a fall to our death turns out
to have been the next step.

--Mark Nepo

Wheat field...

for Mindful Monday

© June 30, 2014, post: Donna Pierce
Photo credit: Wheat field, 2011, theaucitron

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