Wednesday, June 16

Mindful Monday: The bare essentials of living

Gratitude is much closer to relinquishment than it is to attainment. We are most in touch with the heart of gratitude as we relinquish our self-centered ideas about how our life should be or how we would like it to look. As our ideals and models for some fantasied life fall away, sometimes through active letting go in practice and sometimes because life simply defeats our hopes and dreams, we are left with the bare essentials of living -- our breath, our beating heart, the wind, the birds, the sun and moon. And it is in the ongoing release of our ideas about life that life can then come to us, just as it is, and we can experience the gratitude of this immense and incomprehensible gift.

--Flint Sparks

What are you noticing about gratitude as relinquishment?


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Source: "Gratitude and the Heart of Meditation," Flint Sparks, 2010.
Photo credit: "Chaffinch in the snow," keith ellwood, 2012.


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