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Mindful Monday: Stop, Drop, and Text

I just received an email from Living Compassion, a program associated with the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, CA. The email offers the opportunity to commit to a six-week text-based class in which we text a trained facilitator three times a day about our “process” in that moment.

What is a process text? “It includes three components: identifying (1) the process you are looking at, (2) what you are seeing about that process, and (3) where you want to go next.” That is, morning, afternoon, and evening, you Stop, Drop, and Text: “Stop (what you are doing), Drop (into the moment and notice), and send a Text to your facilitator” about it, comprised of 50 words or fewer.

Not yet clear? Here’s an example provided by Living Compassion: “I am noticing how the voices are commenting on what a poor job I am doing on a project. I am seeing this happens regardless of how the project is going. I choose to focus on [the present moment] instead of the conversation.”

The habitually negative Voice in my head is debating whether to join this class, but it says that it'll be too hard to do three times a day for six weeks and that I’m not good at sticking with things that I initially view with excitement. Thus:

 I notice the Voice is commenting that my lazy ass rarely follows through with commitments. I see that the Voice often intimidates and keeps me from doing something beneficial for my mental health. I choose to sign up despite the critical, demotivating Voice.

I notice the Voice generates the sensation in the pit of my stomach and the thought that I am a fool to try again and will “fail.” I see the Voice is sure it'll get to beat me up again. I choose to sign up despite the sensation and thought.

However, information isn't provided on how a trained facilitator responds to a student’s text.

 I notice a low-grade uneasiness, and the Voice says since I don’t know what to expect, it’s not worth the bother and expense. I see the Voice is still trying to stop me. I start to succumb and then choose to sign up anyway.

 So I’m going to sign up. If you want to sign up, too, here’s the link:

Here are the details of the class:

Wish me good luck, motivation, and stick-to-itiveness.

(NB: I am not affiliated in any way with the Zen Monastery Peace Center.)

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What do you notice in this very moment?


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