Monday, June 21

Mindful Monday: Stealing your own vegetables

I must have been simple or drunk or insane
to sneak into my own house and steal money,
to climb over the fence and take my own vegetables.
But no more. I've gotten free of that ignorant fist
That was pinching and twisting my secret self.


Unclenching the "ignorant fist" that is the running commentary in our minds is a most worthwhile aspiration. When we let the habitually negative judgments of ourselves, others, situations, and events degrade the quality of our lives, we pinch and twist our inner self. We can spend our entire lifetime lost in delusions of our own creation. Talk about masochistic!

Come into the present moment. When we notice that we're beating ourselves up with yet another variation of the same old story of our inadequacy, we can use that noticing to wake up. If we ask ourselves, "Is this thought true or false?" we can get caught up in more stories and suffering. If we ask instead, "Is this thought helpful or unhelpful?" we are more likely to let the thought fall away because if a thought is unhelpful, why in the world would we keep it?

Stop robbing your own house and hitting yourself with your own fist. Choose sanity and lovingkindness instead, and notice how good that feels, how awake you become.



What are you noticing today?


for Mindful Monday

© 2013, post, Donna Pierce
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