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Mindful Monday: Scam Alert

Last week, I started a mindfulness practice called Stop, Drop, and Text, sponsored by the Zen Monastery Peace Center and I wrote about Stop, Drop, and Text back in April, fully intending to sign up for the first practice session. I forgot. So much for mindfulness. However, I got organized when I heard the series would be offered again, signed up in time, and have been at it a week now.

The Stop, Drop, and Text practice asks for a commitment to a four-week, text-based correspondence in which the student texts a trained facilitator three times a day about his/her mental “process” in that moment. The text includes three components: identifying (1) what process is happening in your perception of your experience, (2) what you are seeing about that process, and (3) where you want to go next. Said differently, you “Stop (what you are doing), Drop (into the moment and notice), and send a Text to your facilitator” about it, in fifty or fewer words.

To give you a flavor of what it's like, here's an example of something I wrote and my facilitator's response:

Me: I'm noticing a sick/nervous feeling because the inner voice says I’m a failure when it comes to being mindful. I see that the Voice always says I'm a failure when I try something new. Next step: directing attention away from this thought, but a sick feeling of “failure” remains.

Facilitator's response: You might consider that "failure" is a thought, not a feeling. Turn the attention away, and it ceases to exist. Sounds like this program will be a good opportunity to see through that scam.

"Failure is a thought, not a feeling"! It's true, it's obvious, yet I hadn't really understood it before. The facilitator later said: "If you’re present to the sensation in the body, you can see where the meaning ("I'm a failure") gets attached to the sensation and how unnecessary that is."

Consider paying attention today to bodily sensations and the negative self-talk that can accompany them.
What do you notice? How do sensation and thought become attached?
The scam truck ...

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