Monday, June 21

Mindful Monday: Sanded down to the soul

"To stand up and be worn to something deeper is a pledge that living forces us to keep... The current of life requires us to stand up, again and again, and we are not defeated when we are worn down, just exposed anew at a deeper level." -- Mark Nepo

As I've mentioned before, my family has experienced several health crises and deaths over the past few years. During this time, grief and anxiety wore me down and broke me more than once. I confess that I've come to believe that being broken means to be forever fragile.

From that perspective, though, going on living feels untenable and terrifying. Nepo says that severe hardships and pain do not have to defeat us but instead can sand us down to the soul, revealing something new.

What emerges when sadness, exhaustion, and fear are worn away?The Wave...

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Photo credit: The Wave, 2007, rickz.

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