Friday, June 18

Mindful Monday: Right in front of your eyes

"Meditation is misunderstood as something you envision in your head, when in fact it is something to be seen with your own eyes. What you begin to see is that the place where you thought your life occurred -- the cave of rumination and memory, the cauldron of anxiety and fear -- isn't where your life takes place at all. Those mental recesses are where pain occurs, but life occurs elsewhere, in a place we are usually too preoccupied to see: right in front of our eyes. The point of meditation is to stop making things up and see things as they are." -- Karen Maezen Miller, Hand Wash Cold: Instructions for an Ordinary Life.

What are you noticing about what's right in front of your eyes?



for Mindful Monday

Photo credit: "Look at me 1," Abhijit Kar Gupta, 2015.

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